For Wacken Winter Nights 2018 you have the choice between 3-DAY, 2-DAY or 1- TAY-TICKETS:
All of them available at Metaltix.com!
The strictly limited Early Winter Tickets have been sold out after 8 hours - A big thank you all for your amazing support!

23rd - 25th February 2018
from 89€ incl. fees
incl. WINTER BAG (as long as stock lasts)
23rd+24th or 24th+25th February 2018
from 74,50€ incl. fees
Camping possible!
23rd, 24th or 25th February 2018
from 29,50€ incl. fees.
Camping NOT possible!
Sunday is family day


This year Camping will be booked SEPARATELY. During the order process camping can be booked in addition. Since the camping area is limited we suggest to book it during your ticket order process. Currently it is not planned that visitors can book on spot.

Important: Camping with a 1-DAY-TICKET is not possible! Owners have to use the day parking lot if needed.

All ticket categories can be found and ordered at Metaltix!

With our camping calculator you can already calculate the whole camping fee in advance! Just fill out how many nights you want to stay and after that with hoby many persons, tents and/or vehicles you want to arrive. If you are finished the exact fee will be calculated.

Friday - Sunday: 2 Overnight stays
Friday - Saturday: 1 Overnight stay
Saturday - Sunday: 1 Overnight stay

The fees per day are as follows:

Camping / Person: 5,00 €
Tent up to 2,5m of length 5,00 €
Tent over 2,5m of length 10,00 €
Car 5,00 €
Car with trailer / caravan(with or without awning) 10,00 €
Camper (with or without awning) 10,00 €

Camping Calculator

Arrival / Departure:
Camping persons:
Tent up to 2,5m of length:
Tent over 2,5m of length:
Car with trailer / caravan:
0,00 €
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