After years of wild raids through the outskirts of Europe, the northmen of Baldrs Draumar release their fourth full-length album entitled MAGNUS, in november 2019, and celebrate their 10th anniversary. Hailing from the coastal regions of the Northsea they bring you Furious Frisian Folk, brutal bonecrushing metal in their mothertongue. Expect bloodshed when this well-oiled warmachine strikes your ranks. The Baldrs army is marching and they will march upon us the 15th of february 2020 at Wacken Winter Nights. See you in the front!⠀

The iconic band from Bergen has long been one of the pioneers of the pagan metal that emerged from black metal scene. The Norwegians were founded in 1996 by mastermind Øystein G. Brun and started as a kind of blackened "supergroup" including members of ENSLAVED, GORGOROTH, and ULVER. In their more than 20-year history, BORKNAGAR have torn down many stylistic boundaries and moved back and forth between folk, black and avant-garde metal. After VINTERSORG frontman Andreas Hedlung had to leave the band for health reasons, Simen Hestnæs aka ICS Vortex (ARCTURUS, ex-DIMMU BORGIR) returned to his place at the microphone – supported by keyboarder Lars Nedland (SOLEFALD). Currently, the Norwegians are preparing for the release of their 11th studio album "True North" this autumn. We are glad to welcome BORKNAGAR for the first time at Wacken Winter Nights – and not just due to the fact that they mention the word "winter" in several of their song titles.

was created by Anna Murphy, Merlin Sutter and Ivo Henzi which are former members of the well known ELUVEITIE. With their progressive mix of folk, rock and metal and 2 albums which are called "This Is the Sound" (2017) and the chart breaker "The Spell" (2019) the band from Switzerland has already gathered a huge fanbase!

We gladly count COMES VAGANTES towards our inventory at the "Mystic Woods" and the "Old Village" at Wacken Winter Nights. Well almost, this colorful horde of medieval minstrels has been populating the medieval markets, festivals, and any kind of celebration on this planet with bagpipes and drums for more than two decades. We are delighted to welcome these favourites of the crowds once again.

Corvus Corax
The band was founded in 1989 and is one of the oldest and well known bands of this genre in Germany and beyond! They have already released 16 studio albums and played so many different shows and festivals that is hard to count them all.⠀
In 2018 they played their fantastical "Der Fluch des Drachen" and in 2020 they will return to WWN with a full medieval set including the brand news songs of their current album Skál. We are happy to welcome them back at the winter realms.⠀

have named themselves after a Scottish kingdom, but the Hungarians are actually aiming for a combination of local folk music and heavy metal. Nevertheless the band from Sopron with its epic folk metal can not be placed into any specific style. On the contrary, lead singer Laura Binder shows the full range of her powerful voice from the softest ballad to heavy growling. Dalriada will attend Wacken Winter Nights for the first time in 2020!

Following Alexandre Dumas famous motto of the musketeers "One for All and All for One", the Franconians DARTAGNAN are returning to Wacken Winter Nights with their brand new album "In jener Nacht" ("In that Night") tucked into their rapier-belts. Their popular brand of "musketeer rock" has managed to score high in the German album charts with every release and already garnered gold for the trio's debut "Seit an Seit" ("Side by Side"). DARTAGNAN are more than ready to return to our festival with cloak and dagger.

This musical adventure translates as "The Elven Throne of Thorsagon" and combines elements taken from musicals and rock operas with sounds ranging from mystic folk to metal. The masterminds behind this family friendly play is the mystic folk ensemble FAIRYTALE, which has already acompanied renowned acts such as BLACKMORE’S NIGHT. For all those, who happened to enjoy "Der Fluch des Drachen" ("The Curse of the Dragon") from CORVUS CORAX at Wacken Winter Nights in 2018, this will be the right stuff spun from fairytales – no pun intended.

The Norwegians bring us Viking Metal at It's best! When they came together for the first time back in 1993 they were one of the founding members of the Norwegian Extreme Metal scene. So far they have released 7 albums, played countless shows across the globe and reached cult status in the scene. Einherjer will play for the first time at Wacken Winter Nights and we are looking forward to experience their glorious battle hymns!⠀

The two female musicians behind the fantastical DER ELFEN-THRON VON THORSAGON will also present their own band at Wacken Winter Nights. FAIRYTALE was founded by songwriter and virtuous guitarist Oliver Oppermann in 2014 and has already toured with such acts as THE ORDEAL. Once violinist Berit Coenders and singer Laura Isabel Biastoch joined in 2014, they quickly became the face of the band. FAIRYTALE combine old Irish tales and modern fantasy in their concerts.

The result of melodic Swedish heavyness combined with a mandoline and a nyckelharpa as FEJD do is Nordic Folk Metal. In the beginning, these northern men were focused solely on acoustics, but changed their direction when guitarist Per-Owe Sovelius joined in 2016. It was him who introduced the sextet to electric guitars as well as a good portion of distortion of their sound. Also FEJD will do their very first Wacken Winter Nights performance in 2020 and we are looking forward to their show!

The name already says it: FINSTERFORST are coming from the Black Forest in Germany. Since their founding in 2004 the folk metal band has created their very own soundscape with using a mix of accordion sounds, melodic death metal and German lyrics. With their current album "Zerfall" (2019) and lots of classic songs the band will visit us in 2020 in Wacken.

Founded in Arnhem, the Netherlands in 2002, HEIDEVOLK came, saw and conquered the stages around the globe with their catchy mix of folk and pagan metal. By now, the Dutch have released 6 acclaimed albums, of which the latest "Vuur Van Verzet" came out in 2018. HEIDEVOLK will be performing at Wacken Winter Nights 2020 for the first time and we expect them tol melt the Ice Palace with their brutal show.

The so called forest folk band from Finland was founded in 2009 by Mat McNerney who is also known under the moniker Kvohst from bands like DØDHEIMSGARD, CODE, BEASTMILK or GRAVE PLEASURES. With HEXVESSEL the British vocalist and multi-instrumentalist found his "kin" in Finland. Since the release of their debut album in 2011 the band has sold out headline tours in their homeland and been nominated for 2 Finnish Grammy award.⠀In 2020 they will play for the first time at Wacken Wintr Nights!

Lindy-Fay Hella is known to the most people as amazing female vocalist from folk/viking heroes Wardruna (side by side with Einar Selvik) but now she has finished her first solo record which will be released very soon! We are so looking forward to hear Lindys debut record and we are even more curious for the upcoming live show of this talented vocalist at Wacken Winter Nights 2020!

With MÅNEGARM we can welcome a true legend of the Swedish Pagan Metal scene in Wacken! The trio has just released their 9th album called "Fornaldarsagor" but will for sure also play lots of classics from their previous albums at the upcoming edition of Wacken Winter Nights!

The Estonian Wolves are coming! METSATÖLL was founded on the 24th of February, 1999 when the three founding members held their first jam session. What followed were 8 full studio albums, countless club and festival shows across Europe and beyond and an international fanbase which has grown very large over the last 20 years. The most recent album "Katk Kutsariks" was released earlier this year and in 2020 the Estonian Folk Metal Heroes will join us for the first time at Wacken Winter Nights!⠀

Music, skillfully balancing on the brink of ritual and the traditional folk of Northern Europe, is born in the heart of Siberia. The instruments created by the musicians of the band awaken something sacred, long forgotten. The nordic ritual folk project from Siberia has released 5 albums so far and will play for the first time at Wacken Winter Nights! We are looking forward to welcome them here in the north of Germany!⠀

Die Pressgëng
"What's that?" - The Pressgëng wants to confuse! So the four actors and musicians come as a shanty choir. But what they make out of this topic is musically refreshing and infinitely funny. The Pressgëng "shanghais" the entire audience - young and old - and takes it on their fun shanty trip, where people laugh, sing and celebrate until everyone really has their fun. The finest musical comedy. Anyone who has experienced them will come back and now they will return to the fourth edition of Wacken Winter Nights and will raid both the Mystic Woods and the Old Village!

Some might say Primordial are one of the founding fathers of Pagan Metal and that might be true. Since their founding in 1987 (back then under the name Mortus) they have gathered a huge fanbase across the globe. The Irish band so far has released 9 albums with their current album "Exile Amongst The Ruins" released back in 2018. Even after such a long time PRIMORDIAL belongs to the most praised bands of the genre with countless successful club and festival appearances which they played over the last 30 years all over the world. We are very happy to welcome them for the very first time here at Wacken Winter Nights 2020!

The German Medieval Dark Rock band RELIQUIAE was founded in 2009 and combined medieval instruments like bagpipes with dark melodies and hard guitar riffs. So far they have released 3 albums with their current album being called "Winter". In Summer 2019 they will release their 4th album called Babylon. Amongst the many shows they played, they already had an appearance at the first edition of Wacken Winter Nights back in 2017. Now it's about time to return!

Some may know Pablo C. Ursusson as guitarist of the Leipzig based black metal band ANTLERS. But the Spanish musician from Galicia has a far bigger musical range. His band SANGRE DE MUERDAGO is a rising star of the Neofolk scene. The current album "Noite" got tons of excellent reviews and a praised live appearance at the Roadburn festival brought them a lot of attention. The band will play a full acoustic set at the village church!

The band gave it's WWN debut back in 2018 and now they will return with their current album "Artus" which has entered #2 in the German album charts. Founded in 1998 the band has released 10 albums so far. 2 of them (Traumtänzer & Unendlich) have already reached gold status and the band has become an integral part of the German festival landscape. We are happy to welcome them back at the ICE PALACE for the second time! ⠀

Yo Ho and a bottle of rum! The booming pirate metal genre also has a representative in Neuss, Germany. Without a label STORM SEEKER have already gathered a huge fan community. The buccaneers are mixing their folk metal sound with cello and hurdy gurdy!

SUBWAY TO SALLY - "Nord Nord Ost - 15th Anniversary Special Show"
You don't really have to introduce SUBWAY TO SALLY. There is no doubt that the German-speaking rock poets belong to the illustrious group of headliners at Winter Nights. The band, founded in 1990 in Potsdam, has climbed the charts more than once and collected many awards. Next to the charismatic singer Eric Fish you can find established musicians as well as the known violinist Ally Storch who just joined the band on a permanent basis. As a special highlight, the band will play their successful album from 2005, "Nord Nord Ost", in its entirety including many hits like "Eisblumen"or "Schneekönigin" which are perfectly fitting to the Winter Nights setting.

Hailing from the ancient city of Monheim along the River Rhine, SUIDAKRA were founded in 1994 by guitarist Arkadius Antonik, who used an ananym of his name to replace the original monicker GLORIFICATION. The Celtic folk metal act has released the staggering number of 13 albums since then and is also known for their complex lyrical concepts that are based on the ideas and texts of the Belgian artis Chris Verwimp.

Based in Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands, TÝR have been causing quirte a stirr since their founding in 1998. The act from the "Sheep Islands" initially put their focus on a distinctly locals brand of folk metal, which drew inspiration from the famous chain dances that have roots dating as far back as the middle ages. By now, TÝR have release 8 studio albums and expanded their musical palette to include proressive heavy metal. The Viking metal heroes with bring fan favourite classics as well as tracks from the current release "Hel" to their first appearance at Wacken Winter Nights.

In the early dark ages swords cracked on shields! Today VARANG NORD are letting their guitars howl. The young band from Latvia are devoting their songs to their baltic forefathers with straight forward pagan metal combined with local folklore. Since the promotion of young bands is common courtesy in Wacken we are proud to present the Metal Battle winners at the 4th edition of Wacken Winter Nights!

Without any doubt, WINTERFYLLETH have been firmly occupying the throne of English pagan metal for the last decade. The Mancunians are famous for their harsh and at the same time intoxicating soundscapes. Therefore it came as a big surprise for many when WINTERFYLLETH released a strictly acoustic album with "The Hallowing of Heirdom" in 2018, which a Metal Hammer critic described as "the best English folk recording since decades". As a special musical treat, WINTERFYLLETH will perform "The Hallowing of Heirdom" in the Wacken Village Church with guest-musicians for the full ecperience. We are especially proud to be able to present this exclusive accoustic delicacy at Wacken Winter Nights.

Every since their first show appearance at Wacken Winter Nights three years ago, the many followers of YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS have vehemently demanded a return of the Swedish pirates. The "long" wait has finally come to an end: The dozen or so pirates, with whom the changing ensemble of around 30 members arrives for each show, YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS will again set sails for Wacken to weave seafaring yarns and sing gruff shantys for all landlubbers.

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