Winter Camping - Who is doing that?

Well... meanwhile lots of people are doing this at Wacken Winter Nights! You know? Adventure time!

As we started in 2017 with the first edition we had around 600 persons camping at Wacken Winter Nights followed by more than a thousand in 2018. Due to this trend we are expecting even more in 2019. And thats the reason we have created this page with lots of useful tips and some rules of conduct.

Further we are working on additional offers on the camping site which will make your stay as comfortable and cosy as possible during the temperatures in February!

First of all the most important thing: Camping directly at or inside of your vehicle is allowed!

So if you want to join our camping Winter Hordes and weather proof northmen than you can order additional camping tickets on Metaltix. A camping ticket (3 days) is either available per vehicle for 39€ (no matter how many persons are inside the vehicle) or in case you arrive with train or bus per person for 10€ (3 days).



1. Please bring winter and weather proof camping equipment with you! Equipment for summer festivals is not really suitable for such temperatures. For example normal sleeping bags are cooling down very fast. And don't forget your camping mat!

2. Bring enough warm clothings with you and wear layered clothing which will keep you warm. In case you get wet due to some unforeseen reasons please switch your clothes quickly.

3. Take care on the people who are camping with you especially persons who have had a drink or two too much. Drunk persons might possibly misgauge the cold temperatures. In case of doubt please get in contact with our local ambulance crew from the "Deutsche Rote Kreuz" (Red Cross)

4. Please only use approved heatings in correct shape in your tents or caravans. The use of generators is only allowed outdoors due to the exhaust gases which are dangerous if used inside of a tent!


Open fires and bonfires are prohibited on the festival area as well as on the camp sites!

BBQ and campfires in fireproof bowls or baskets with an external diameter of maximum 50cm and a minimum distance from the ground of 25cm are allowed outdoors.

It is recommended to bring an fire extinguisher for emergency cases with you!

Only commercially purchased charcoal lighter, gas cartridges, gas bottles (only permanently installed in the camper or motorhome) and BBQ equipment are allowed. Impermanently installed LPG´s may only be used outdoors.


As in the last year there will be a shower camp with warm water as well as flushed toilets.

We also plan to build breakfast tents on the camping site offering coffee, hot chocolate, bread buns and everythin else you need on an Early cold winter morning.

Our partner Camper-Park Wacken will offer wooden huts for rent which are heated. The contingent will be expanded from 12 huts to 26 huts in the next year. Those huts are offering space for 4-6 persons. Further there will be reservable spots with power supply in case you are coming with your own campers / caravans. We will inform you in time as soon as the offer goes online!

Last but not least we want to establish a camping site for our medieval / LARP folks which will give you the possibility to join a medieval knights- /viking camp. More info about that will follow later.

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In addition please also read our Festival Alphabet which will be complemented and expanded in the course of the year.

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