Welcome to the ICE PALACE – The Main Stage of Wacken Winter Nights!

If you follow the long path through the Mystic Woods it will lead you straight to the area of the ICE PALACE.

Inside of the ICE PALACE you will witness magical shows of the main acts. The Ice Palace is build upon the main stage and therefore the biggest roofed venue. Ice pillars and other frosty illusions create the ambient for this special place.

In 2020 the ICE PALACE will once again get an own location and will be inside a big closed tent with 6 pylons which will also be heated again according to your wishes. In 2019 we had an average temperature of 20-25° Celsius inside of the tent which means that nobody has to freeze. The ICE PALACE also has bar areas where you can purchase drinks and shots.

The ICE PALACE is also surrounded by a cozy market area with stands and taverns were you can purchase food and drinks and also some non food articles!

The exact position can soon be found in our FESTIVAL MAPs after we have updated them for 2020.

On all three show days (February 14th to 16th, 2020) you will see acts like Subway To Sally, Primordial, Schandmaul, Heidevolk, Corvus Corax, Borknagar and many more live on stage inside of the ICE PALACE!

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Very soon you will see the Running Order of the ICE PALACE for all 3 show days here (subject to change):

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