A mystic wood full of secrets awaits you!
Mysterious walk acts, storytellers and folk bands stroll through a forest of ancient spruces with enchanting seating areas and rustic taverns. Let yourselves be enchanted by mesmerizing happenings and fairytale surroundings.

The MYSTIC WOODS might not appear as the biggest of the theme worlds of the WACKEN WINTER NIGHTS but they offer a lot!

As you enter the woods you will find bars, seats and possibilities to warm up integrated into the trees. Further this corner is mostly wind- and weather protected in case of any not so optimal weather conditions. New age people would maybe call this a chillout area but that would indeed be heresy!

In the so called WOOD BAR and the FORESTER'S HOUSE you will get a wide range of warm and cold drinks: You can get several different beers, warm wines like mead, „Hot Deer“, Dragon Ember (with or without booze) and also non alcoholic drinks like hot apple-cherry punch. The warm drinks will indeed be served classical clay mugs!

But the MYSTIC WOODS do not only invite for a stay with their quaint atmosphere. In regular intervals the woods will be visited (or haunted) by magic creatures, gleeman and jugglers or traveling musicians which will enchant you with their stories, magical tricks or their ancient songs. Here music ranging from pirate shanties to classical drum and bagpipe music!

Some of the most beautiful impressions from the Wacken Winter Nights 2017 can be found below!




Soon you can see the Running Order of the Mystic Woods for all 3 show days here (subject to change):

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