Greetings strangers!
The Old Village might be the first thing you see after entering the gates of Wacken Winter Nights!

A historical village, surrounded by a mystical wood. The old village is full of peddlers, craftsman and pints. Here you'll get everything you can imagine and desire.

At the OLD CHAPEL there will be smaller concerts and art shows in regular intervals. Amongst them are fire shows, magician shows, knights battles as well as shows of many minstrels. The program is so varied that it might enchant young and old from dawn to dusk. If you join the shows later in the evening you might possibly become witness of knights dueling each other with burning flails and morning stars.

The markt itself offers a big selection of historical merchants touting for the coins of their customers.
You can taste several culinary delicacies - all of them handmade in a traditional way. No matter if it's stick bread, goldi locks, meat skewers, mushroom pans, hand baked bread, whole piglets or even vegetarian specialities - Here you can find everything your heart desires and to water your mouth.

Further the mead is calling out of every corner! Taverns and innkeepers offer a big selection of beer, mead, wine and lots of non-alcoholic beverages.

The craftsmen and merchants can be observed while for example smithing their precious goods or they will offer you hides, drinking horns, leather clothes and lots of magical (or not so magical) stuff. So if you think of equipping yourselves you might be at the perfect place!

Last but not least the market offers activities like bow shooting, axe throwing, crossbow shooting or the strongman game / high striker. Here you can show either your skills in dexterity or strength!


Here you can see the Running Order of the Old Village for all 3 show days (subject to change):

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