3rd band wave for Wacken Winter Nights 2020 announced!

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Dear Winterheads,

Once again it's about time to open the gates of the Winter Realms and welcome our new arrivals!

Those of you, who are currently at W:O:A may already know it but for all others we can also happily announce that we can confirm 6 more bands that will join the Winter Hordes in 2020!

SUBWAY TO SALLY - "Nord Nord Ost - 15th Anniversary Special Show"
You don't really have to introduce SUBWAY TO SALLY. There is no doubt that the German-speaking rock poets belong to the illustrious group of headliners at Winter Nights. The band, founded in 1990 in Potsdam, has climbed the charts more than once and collected many awards. Next to the charismatic singer Eric Fish you can find established musicians as well as the known violinist Ally Storch who just joined the band on a permanent basis. As a special highlight, the band will play their successful album from 2005, "Nord Nord Ost", in its entirety including many hits like "Eisblumen"or "Schneekönigin" which are perfectly fitting to the Winter Nights setting.

have named themselves after a Scottish kingdom, but the Hungarians are actually aiming for a combination of local folk music and heavy metal. Nevertheless the band from Sopron with its epic folk metal can not be placed into any specific style. On the contrary, lead singer Laura Binder shows the full range of her powerful voice from the softest ballad to heavy growling.

Fairy tales and legends often have a dark side. At that will be presented by THYRFING at the next Wacken Winter Nights. The Swedes who were named after a bewitched sword, belong to a circle of bands that have their origins in Black Metal, but switched to Pagan Metal with folk elements - just like the legendary BATHORY. With their Album "Vansinnesvisor" the horde from the heath created a Swedish milestone in this subgenre.

Bouzuki, flute, harp and jew's harp – their choice of instruments already lead to the fact that the musical course of WALDKAUZ points straight to the folk scene. If you want to listen to European myths from ancient times, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for here. The band from Hildesheim is working on finishing their third album by spring 2020. So it is very well possible that they will play one or even more new songs at Wacken Winter Nights.

The result of melodic Swedish heavyness combined with a mandoline and a nyckelharpa as FEJD do is Nordic Folk Metal. In the beginning, these northern men were focused solely on acoustics, but changed their direction when guitarist Per-Owe Sovelius joined in 2016. It was him who introduced the sextet to electric guitars as well as a good portion of distortion of their sound.

first played at Wacken Winter Nights in 2018 and conquered the stage with great success. With their pipes playing front duo Nadezhda und Vladimir Irdorath, the Belarussians and their Fantasy Folk have taken the hearts of the metalheads by storm. When they played again the following day to substitute for Torfrock, who had to cancel their show on short notice, they managed to win over the fans once more. Since then the bandse pops up on many wish lists. The former street musicians do know how to fill the concert halls.

With this third wave of bands we have by far not reached the end and the line-up will grow even more within the next weeks and months!

The ticket pre-sale for Wacken Winter Nights is running faster than ever this year so if you have not gotten yours by now, than hurry up and order it at Metaltix!

Wacken Winter Nights IV
February 14th – 16th 2020
With (in alphabetical order): Baldrs Draumar, Borknagar, Comes Vagantes, Corvus Corax, Dalriada, D’Artagnan, Der Elfenthron von Thorsagon, Einherjer, Fairytale, Fejd, Heidevolk, Hexvessel, Irdorath, Lindy-Fay Hella, Metsatöll, Nytt Land, Primordial, Reliquiae, Schandmaul, Subway To Sally, Suidakra, Thyrfing, Tyr, Waldkauz, Winterfylleth, Ye Banished Privateers and many more!

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