The Holy Ugly-Trinity is asking for a fairy tale hour!

12/17/2019 created by WWN-Helge

Dear Winterheads,

After figures like Death or Brother Rectus have haunted us at Wacken Winter Nights in the past, things are getting even darker!

The holy ugly-trinity consisting out of Brother Rectus, the Ugly Hans and Death personally will set off in February 2020 in all their wicked splendor to haunt Wacken!

Brother Rectus, the Ugly Hans and Death, all well-known gutter creatures of the medieval scene in Germany, can hardly be endured on their own but they potentiate themselves many times over in the dreaded team "The Holy Ugly-Trinity".

In their fairy tale lesson, the “Probably worst ungodly theater group in the world” presents famous classics from fairy tale and fantasy literature and does not stop at antiquity. The Brothers Grimm, Hans-Christian Anderson, Tolkien, the Iliad ... Everything that comes before the literary shotgun will be culled! It goes without saying that complications can arise! But beware! The audience is always there!

But that’s by far not all! Further supporting program points will follow very soon!

WWN team

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