The Running Order is online + Day Tickets on sale!

11/14/2019 created by WWN-Helge

Dear Winterheads!

As promised we have now released the first version of the Running Order. This version will only include stages without times. The Running Order will be completed until the end of December. In parallel we will go on sale with the 1-DAY-TICKETS and 2-DAY-TICKETS.

And here are the categories (all Prices incl. fees plus shipping):
1-DAY-TICKET - Friday, February 14th, 2020: 45€
1-DAY-TICKET - Saturday, Februar 15th, 2020: 55€
1-DAY-TICKET - Sunday, Februar 16th, 2020: 32€
2-DAY-TICKET - Feb. 14th – Feb. 15th, 2020: 82€
2-DAY-TICKET - Feb. 15th – Feb. 16th, 2020: 72€

Meanwhile we have sold 75% of all available 3-DAY-TICKETS! So if you want to participate on all days you should hurry! The sale of the limited bundle shirts which you can buy together with a 3-DAY-TICKET will end by the end of November. So if you want to get one you should buy it now!

All ticket categories are available on Metaltix!

There are also news regarding the infrastructure and we are sure you will like most of it. More about that will follow later.

WWN team

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