Arrival information for Wacken Winter Nights 2019

02/21/2019 created by WWN-Helge

Dear friends,

On Thursday the campground for the third edition of Wacken Winter Nights will begin! Certainly a lot of you are already packing their luggage for the journey.

Because of this we've summarized all important info about the upcoming journey.

Please consider the following:
-> If possible please use the attractive offerings of bus and railway - There is a shuttle service (available from Friday on)!
-> The Camping site does not open before Thursday February 21st, 2019 at 04.00 pm!
-> If you travel with your own vehicle please use the A23 until you arrive at the exit Hanerau-Hademarschen. From there you take the road in direction Wacken until you reach the "Mühlenweg" (thats the address for your navigation system) - from there you will be guided to the camping site.
-> If you travel with your own vehicle please but do not intend to camp you will be redirected from the Mühlenweg to one of the day parking lots. From there you can easily reach the event area by foot or you can wait for one of the shuttle busses.
->Take attention of the conduction signs and follow the instructions of our staff.

Advice to all users of navigation systems:
Only use navigation systems until you achieve the sign-posted travel route. From that point on you can trust our guidance-system.

On spot
-> Please have your tickets and/or money ready - Searching for tickets means hectic for you and waiting time for all the others.
-> Please follow the instructions of the stewards and use the assigned areas. They gladly answer your question - after you have parked your car.
-> Keep free traffic- and escape routes. Otherwise you will be towed off - Traffic and escape routes are marked with barrier tape and are really important for rescue vehicles and firefighters.
-> Keep in mind, that you have to follow the parking- and camping regulations at all areas.
-> Please also keep in mind our parking order: There will be each two rows of vehicles and in the space between them. There you can build up all your tents and other camping items.
-> At the day parking lots you have to pay a fee of 3€ per vehicle.
-> This year an additional wristband exchange for owners of 3-DAY-TICKETS and 2-DAY-TICKETS (Friday & Saturday) will be directly on the campsite (only on Thursday & Friday).
-> On Saturday and Sunday the wristband exchange will be only at the main entrance (Reselithweg).
-> There is a bit of space left on the campground so onspot booking of camping space is possible.
-> Camper Park Wacken: Guests who have booked services of the Camperpark Wacken and those who reserved a spot for their Camper will be guided to Campground. Please follow the instructions of the stewards!

Low temperatures and snow
Please be aware that the Wacken Winter Nights are set in February that's why it could become very cold and there is a risk for heavy snowfall. Following we have some advice for you to withstand the weather unscathed:
o It is highly recommended to use frostproof camping equipment.
o Use winter proof bedrolls, well shielded camping mats (the thicker the better) and warm clothes, pillows and additionally downy feather or fleece blankets and possibly a rescue blanket
o Before you pitch your tent, de-ice the area where you want to build it up (This way you avoid additionally cold from below).
o Take care of your clothes to keep them warm and dry all the time.
o Hot-water bags can be very useful.

We wish you a relaxed and secure journey without any breakdowns. Remember: On Thursday evening we will start with a Warm Up Party at the Landgasthof zum Wackinger at 10.00PM with Forgotten North!

We are looking forward to welcome you all here!

WWN team

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