Final information regarding the pre-sale and band marathon 2019

03/16/2018 created by WWN-Helge

Dear friends,

Today we can finally update you with the information regarding the pre-sale start for Wacken Winter Nights 2019!

From February 22nd to 24th, 2019 the gates to the winter realm will open once more and now we can give you all important information regarding the first hot phase of the pre-sale.

Right to the beginning we have 4 good news for you:
1. There will be no increase of the ticket price!
2. Camping becomes easier and cheaper
3. From Monday to Friday we will start our band marathon and unveil atleast one band of the first wave per day!
4. Each of you will get the possibility to get a limited Early Winter Ticket incl. the Early Winter T-Shirt.
Since the Early Winter Tickets of the first two years were sold out in 11 and 8 hours we wanted to give every one of you the chance to get one of the limited packages.

On Friday March 23rd, 2018 at 03.00pm the Early Winter Tickets incl. the Early Winter Shirt will go on sale for 89€ (incl. fees, excl. shipment) on The sale will last until Monday the 26th of March until midnight. In case of the whole contingent of 3-DAY-TICKETS will be completely sold out within that time we will stop the pre-sale earlier.

The camping calculator known from the last year will be dropped due to the fact that the system was too complicated for the most people. Instead of that we will offer camping per vehicle (no matter how many persons or tents are coming with it) for a fee of 39€ (all days).
Especially visitors that will arrive with a camper or a car with several persons and tents will save a lot of money compared to the year before (depending on persons, tents etc. up to 20-30€).

As you can see: Taking friends with you will pay off!

For visitors that will arrive via bus and train we offer person camping for all days for 10€.

1-DAY-TICKETS, 2-DAY-TICKETS and the fitting camping solutions will be sold as soon as the first version of the Running Order is online so you don't have to buy the pig in the poke.

Here are the short facts:
3-DAY-EARLY-WINTER-TICKET plus T-SHIRT = 89€ (incl. fees, plus shipment)
Camping per vehicle - 3 days = 39€
Person camping (without vehicle) = 10€
Pre-Sale Start = March 23rd, 2018 at 03.00 pm.

The tickets and t-Shirts will be shipped between 10-14 days after the pre-sale start. We'll keep you informed about that!

We hope that you welcome these changes as well as the soon to be announced bands of our band marathon which will begin on Monday!


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