New bands, first version of the Running Order and pre-sale of the 1-DAY and 2-DAY-TICKETS!

11/01/2018 created by WWN-Helge

Dear friends,

yesterday was Halloween or Samhain how some might call it. In general this day has a lot of meanings in a lot of cultures. The people from Wales once called it "Nos Calan gaeaf" what roughly translated means "the night before Winter starts". Fitting to this day we will unveil more information about your favorite upcoming Winter Festival!

Lets start with new bands. Two more bands can be confirmed today for Wacken Winter Night 2019!

VOGELFREY - the pact of outlaws that was founded in 2004 in Hamburg will join us for the second time. The medieval folk rockers have released their fourth album "In Ekstase" in 2017 and have played countless club- and festival shows across Europe since their founding. We are looking forward to welcome them for the second time to the Winter Realms!

CEMICAN from Mexico will celebrate their debut at Wacken Winter Nights! The band combines pre-hispanic music with folk metal and has already gained a lot of fame in South America. This year the played at W:O:A for the first time and now they will show their amaizng mixture of folk, tribal and metal for the first time at Wacken Winter Nights!

As promised we will release the first version of the Running Order. This version will only include the two main stages (without times).

You can find the Running Order here!

In parallel we will go on sale with the 1-DAY-TICKETS and 2-TAGES-TICKETS.
The 1-DAY-TICKETS for Friday and Saturday will be 20€ cheaper than last year. The 2-DAY-TICKETS will be 5€ and 10€ cheaper than the year before.

And here are the categories (all Prices incl. fees plus shipment):
1-DAY-TICKET - Friday, February 22nd, 2019: 39€
1-DAY-TICKET - Saturday, Februar 23rd, 2019: 49€
1-DAY-TICKET - Sunday, Februar 24th, 2019: 29€
2-DAY-TICKET - Feb. 22nd – Feb. 23rd, 2019: 75€
2-DAY-TICKET - Feb. 23rd – Feb. 24th, 2019: 65€

Meanwhile we have sold 70% of all available 3-DAY-TICKETS! So if you want to participate on all days you should hurry!

All ticket categories are available on Metaltix!

There are also news regarding the infrastructure and we are sure you will like most of it. More about that will follow later.

WWN team

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