The next artists for Wacken Winter Nights 2018!

08/24/2017 created by WWN-Helge

As announced before the next artists as well as the first piece of framework program will be confirmed today and we promise there is something for every taste!

Grave Digger
Let’s begin with Grave Digger – Well for every friend of harder music there is not much left to day about this band. Since 1980 Grave Digger is an institution within the metal scene and not only the material of their medieval trilogy (Tunes Of War, Knights of The Cross und Excalibur) is more than fitting to the Wacken Winter Nights in both thematic and lyrical ways! The liveshow stream featuring their performance from this years W:O:A 2017 is still online. You can watch it here!

The second new artist is called Aeverium. This alternative / gothic metal band with both female and male vocals already had a very successful show at the metal church during this years W:O:A. Their vocalist Aeva Maurelle was also able to do some guest vocals for Kamelot during their very successful tour together throughout Europe in 2016. Now they will show the audience at Wacken Winter Nights what they are made of!

Drums, clarinet, contrabass and cello - This is the very own mixture of instruments which the Berlin based band Coppelius is using to set up their style of metal. The band has gained a lot of fame during the last years but did a break from 2015 to 2016. Now they are back and have returned with very successful shows. They for themselves call their style "Chamber Core from the 19th Century“! So let’s travel back in time once again and let the show begin!

The band Irdorath was founded in Minsk in Belarus. This band is enchanting their audience with a very unique kind of fantasy folk and sounds from another time.
After they have conquered eastern Europe by storm they already played very successful shows in Germany like Wacken Open Air, the Wave Gotik Treffen and the Hörnerfest. We are looking forward to also welcome them at the Wacken Winter Nights 2018!

Last but not least we can also announce the first piece of framework program. "Die Lutter" aka Kay Lutter is known as the bass player of the famous german medieval rockers In Extremo. But another of his hobbies is writing. Over the years he released lots of tour diaries and short stories and is now presenting his first own book which is called „Bluessommer“ (Blues Summer). The roman tells a fictitious story with fictitious characters which are based on the not so really fictitious youth of Mr. Lutter who has grown up in the GDR. The reading will be accentuated with live music and will take place at the „Landgasthof zum Wackinger“.

Kay Lutter
Well you may now think that this is all? Way off the mark! This was just another foretaste of the whole line-up. Within the next 2-3 weeks we are confirming new bands in regular intervals and are also releasing the 1-DAY-TICKETS as well as the 2-DAY-TICKETS.
Before these day tickets will be sold we will give you a first taste of the running order to give you an better overview on each day so can can better decided which ticket category may be the best for you depending on your musical taste. More about that will follow in the next weeks!

The regular 3-DAY-TICKETS for the Wacken Winter Nights are still available at
If you want to camp instead of taking a hotel or other accommodation than you can also find camping tickets there as extra category.

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