Trolls, Dwarves, Pirates and more at Wacken Winter Nights 2018!

11/02/2017 created by WWN-Helge

Dear friends,

after Elvenking already brought us some pointy-ear waering representatives of metal it was only a matter of time until some bearded representatives of the dwarven race would pick up scent. For where else can you find a better brawl than with a bunch of elves? But the smell of dwarven flesh has also moved some trolls to pick up trace because what’s better than a dwarf for breakfast? Besides all these mystical creatures even more pirates and scoundrels have set sail in direction Wacken and more and more minstrels are leaving their taverns towards the cold north. The gentle reader might now think: „What in Odin’s name is this guy talking about?“

Well, here is the answer: Today we can unveil 5 more bands for Wacken Winter Nights 2018!

FINNTROLL: Häxbrygd, Jagtens Tid and also the immortal Trollhammeren are just a few of the hits which will await you at the Wacken Wintern Nights 2018! The Finnish folk/pagan heroes Finntroll have left their mountains and begun the long journey to Wacken. The band which was founded in 1997 was originally planning to record their new album in February but they made an exception just for us! Well in the presence of so much human-, elven- and dwarven flesh they simply had no choice!

Did anybody say dwarven flesh? That’s right! The next band is called WIND ROSE and comes from Pisa in Italy... And they play dwarf metal!
The dwarves are currently on their way to retake the mountain Erebor but on their journey they will do a break at Wacken Winter Nights! Prepare yourselves for Tolkin influenced metal with fantastic melodies live on stage. Atleast since the release of their current album "Stonehymn" the band is breaking all boundaries incl. Youtube videos with more than 800.000 clicks!

PAT RAZKET: This Swedish pirate crew from Västerås is the third new band which has set sails in direction Wacken - Eventually because of all the mead, beer and wine and other stuff to sing and growl for. But who knows what’s going on in a pirates head? Prepare yourself for pirate folk at ist best!

THE ABERLOUR’S: After more than a 1000 live shows there are not many medieval markets or Irish folk fests left across Europe which this band hasn’t already played at. And also the W:O:A has already been successfully absolved. Now the celtic folk rockers will also visit the Wacken Winter Nights!

COMES VAGANTES – At the premiere of Wacken Winter Nights this year Comes Vagantes already did amazing shows at the old village market as well as in the mystic woods using instruments like the shawm, bagpipe or drums. The band from Nienburg in Germany liked the location so much that they swore to come back as soon as possible. Or did they hide behind those bushes over there the whole time? Who knows...

Ye think that's it all? Nope! We have more bands to come and in the following days and weeks the last bands, framework program and information will follow!

Grab your tickets now at Metaltix!

Wacken Winter Nights 2018
February 23rd to 25th, 2018
with: Aeverium, Comes Vagantes, Coppelius, Corvus Corax, Die Pressgëng, Elvellon, Elvenking, Finntroll, Grave Digger, Heimataerde, Hell-O-Matic, Ignis Fatuu, Ingrimm, Irdorath, Johnny Deathshadow, Krayenzeit, Letzte Instanz, Mr. Hurley und die Pulveraffen, Orphaned Land, Pampatut, Pat Razket, Schandmaul, Skyclad, Sündenrausch, The Aberlour's, The Moon and the Nightspirit, Torfrock, Visions of Atlantis, Vroudenspil, Wind Rose and more!

Wacken Winter Nights team

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