Winter Bag 2019

02/20/2019 created by WWN-Helge

Dear friends,

also this year every owner of a 3-DAY-TICKET will get the Winter Bag which will be handed out together with the wristbands!

The following items are included:
WWN III - Magnet
WWN III - Sticker
WWN III - Patch
WWN III - Ball Pen
WWN III - Post Card
WWN III - Winter Bag

There are even more items which are not depicted on the graphic:
Full Metal Rescue - Rescue Blanket
Hamburg Dungeon 2in1 voucher
Battle Merchant - Lighter
and more!

To answer the question about allowed bags once and for all:
The Winter Bag is allowed on the festival area as a backpack or bag replacement since most bags are not allowed. Further smaller bags with a maximum size of around DIN A4 format are allowed!

WWN team

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