Winter Nights Wednesday!

06/12/2019 created by WWN-Helge

Dear friends!

Today, as part of our community measures, we want to launch Winter Nights Wednesday!

From now on we will supply you with photo series, interviews and videos as well as surveys which will take place in our Facebook group (and we are hoping for your active participation) on every Wednesday!

As you might have noticed we try to improve the festival step by step according to your feedback and comments. In our Facebook community group THE WINTER HORDES we want to launch several surveys regarding the future of the festival but we also want to hear your opinions in general.

Since we have announced the first wave of bands and as you might imagine we are in the booking phase by now so that's why we have started our first survey. You already guessed it? Right! It's all about the music.

The musical foundation of Wacken Winter Nights is built around Medieval rock and metal, Folk, Pagan, Viking metal and acoustic and everything that matches with the ambient of the festival itself.

We want to know which of those genres you prefer and which of those you want to hear more in the future.

To participate the only thing you have to do is to join our Facebook group THE WINTER HORDES

The answer the question in advance: Genres which are not fitting into the festival concept like punk, hardcore, true metal and so on have been skipped.

WWN team

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