WWN 2019 Event Area and Village Map!

02/08/2019 created by WWN-Helge

Dear friends,

February is here and today we can supply you with l the new festival area maps.
Also this year we have created two different maps. The first is a detail map of the event area and the second one is a map of the whole village with all points of interest like the Village Church or the Landgasthof "Zum Wackinger".

You can find the maps here!

As you can see a lot has changed. The biggest news is the new location of the Ice Palace which is now reachable by using a path through the Mystic Woods! As mentioned in the past the Ice Palace tent is on a brand new event area and has grown from a 4-pylon tent to a 6-pylon tent.
On the path to the Ice Palace you can find several new stands as well as a new music venue called Mystic Woods 2 (you can spot both Mystic Woods venues via the clefs on the map).

Also the village map has a few new additions. For example do we have a new breakfast tent on the campground which is situated at the shower camp.

How many stages are at the festival area? What can I take with me to the festival area? You can find all these information in our festival alphabet sorted from A to Z which 2019 version will be released on Monday.

Further information will follow soon!


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